A way to ease the war on cancer



The C Word, the Big C-commonly known as Cancer. A vile, deadly disease that doesn’t care who it destroys. A stain on the carpet of humanity. Many people cannot even bring themselves to say the word.

It’s unfortunately a sad fact of life that every one in three people will develop cancer at some stage in their lifetime. Some may be more susceptible to it than others due to genetics-a woman whose mother has had breast cancer is likely to be more at risk for example. Fortunately, a fair number of these people survive-in the current day, cancer is not the death sentence it once was. Despite this, a cancer sufferer faces a long, tough and expensive battle, by far the biggest fight they will ever face in their lives. It is a gargantuan ordeal not just for the sufferer, but it also impacts on their loved ones. There are countless hospital appointments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and side effects that at times seem worse than the cancer itself. It takes incredible strength to fight cancer, and superhuman spirit to beat it.


Should the sad event of a positive cancer diagnosis ever occur, cancer insurance will make a daunting battle that little bit easier. It will allow both yourself and your family the opportunity to cope better on both a financial and emotional level during the tough times ahead.

You may be reading this and think “I’ll never get cancer, that sort of thing never happens to me” and of course, hopefully it never does. However it’s never a bad idea to protect yourself against any eventuality. You buy a new phone, you decide not to insure it, after all you’re careful, there’s no point paying that extra £15 or so, finances are tight enough as it is. Typically the next day you drop your phone in the bath and have to fork out an extortionate amount of money for a new one. Of course that’s not to say that if you choose to ignore this advice your chances of getting cancer are going to suddenly shoot up, but the hard facts are that a cancer diagnosis is an eventuality that every person needs to consider.

Easing the financial burden of a cancer battle can allow you to focus your attentions on recovering. You would not need to worry so much about those daunting hospital bills. You can be assisted with a variety of things such as getting to and from your many appointments and your nutritional supplements. A war such as that against cancer is hard enough without unneeded stress, covering yourself against this horrible disease can take away some of that worry.