Top Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Autumn is upon us and after a summer that’s seen the UK getting its fair share of sunshine it’s time to steel ourselves for chillier days ahead. While we can still remain optimistic of a few bright days ahead it’s worth taking some steps now ahead of winter. Here are a few things to keep you busy:

Keep your home toasty

When the temperatures drop outside it’s nice to come in to a warm house. However, the costs of keeping your property heated can soon add up. It might then be worth looking at taking out boiler cover, as this can ensure any problems are swiftly dealt with by a Gas Safe Register approved engineer. Some policies also include an annual service, which is a great way to gain the peace of mind that your system is functioning both safely and efficiently. You may also want to stop heat escaping and this can be achieved by fitting a British Standard jacket to your tank, and lagging your pipes. If we’re hit by freezing weather conditions taking this step will reduce the likelihood of you having to deal with problems like cracked or burst pipes, something no one wants to deal with on a cold night!

Don’t be left in the dark

Now is the time to check your lighting is fully functional. So check all your bulbs are working as they should be, as although they might not be needed just yet you might appreciate them a little more once the nights start setting in. Without the benefit of natural light flooding through your windows you’re likely to use up additional energy in the coming months, so it’s worth doing what you can to keep your bills down and help the environment. This means it’s worth turning out lights when they aren’t in use and it’s also a good idea to replace old bulbs with more modern eco-friendly options. These should work just as well but will last longer and save your money, making them a winner in every sense!

Tidy up the outside

While your time spending the days soaking up the sun in the garden is probably over until next year, it’s still worth keeping your outdoor space in good condition over winter. For one thing, making a bit of effort now will make life easier when we head in to spring. So get pruning and clear up cut grass as this is perfect for adding to your compost heap. And when leaves do start to fall add them to your pile too, as they’ll benefit your garden more that way than being left to sit on your lawn.

Freshen up inside your home

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home a nicer place to be, but as you’ll probably be spending more time inside it’s worth putting a little cash towards sprucing things up. Give your walls a lick of paint and consider what colours you’re going to use, with warm shades of orange and yellow being great autumnal choices. While you’re at it, why not also get rid of some items you no longer need? This will free up space for new purchases and if you sell them can also leave you with a little extra cash to splash. You could put this money towards new furniture or if you want to make your home a little more cosy rugs and blankets that’ll make your nights in much more comfortable.

Although it’s sad to see summer draw to a close there’s plenty to look forward to in autumn and winter. So get started now to make the most of it!