Summer candles – novelty or luxury?

Summer is one of the few times that we are able to sit out in the garden all evening chatting to friends or relaxing and have beautiful candles burning in the back ground to light up the dark night. Candles have and probably always will be much better than a light or a lamp, they give such a calming feel and make every environment seem better somehow. From luxury candles all the way to novelty candles, summer is the time to start getting out the candle holders and showing off the scents that you have bought.


When it comes to selecting your candles for summer you need to pay close attention the fragrances that you will use, you do not want to be stuck with winter or autumn scents running through your home. Instead you want to have candles that bring out the summer feeling, candles that are fresh, bright and rejuvenating. Sometimes when people live in an apartment or a condominium they don’t necessarily get to enjoy everything that summer has to offer, one of the main things you miss out on are the smells. To combat this you should by candles that will bring the summer scents to your rooms, a beautiful smell or coconut or rosemary can work wonders and leave you feeling great.

Of course during every season you will have a new line of candles on offer. In the summer you will have some of the most amazing luxury candles you have ever seen, then there will also the the outrageous novelty candles which are great fun and make for a very decorative piece. It really depends on the event, if any, that you are having; dinner with friends, a birthday party, romantic dinner or just an evening by yourself. You need to find the candles that match the mood of the evening, the design should obviously not be too outlandish if you are having a swanky outdoors meal. Which ever type of candle you are looking at here are 2 great choices for scents, you really can’t go wrong with them and they will brighten up every evening or even room in your house.


I think we can all agree that there are very few scents out there that can compare to the fresh, clean feeling that mint gives off. This crisp rejuvenating scent makes it absolutely ideal to have during the spring and summer months.

Tropical scents

If you want to feel like it’s summer then you need to feel like you are on a tropical paradise! What better why to do that than buy breathing in the tropical candle scents all evening or day long. You will have the feeling that you are on a Caribbean island somewhere. It’s a brilliant scent to give you a lift and to make you feel that summer has arrived.