Parent tips: creating the perfect nursery on a budget  

Having a child can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. When you are caught up in all that happiness it can be easy to find yourself thinking that you need a large budget to set up a nursery properly. It can save you a lot of time and money to take a step back and think about the logic of this. While an expensive and luxurious nursery might look good to you, chances are it will make little difference to your child. In addition, they will be growing and changing, so you will find yourself in the position of changing the décor and furnishings of their room quite a bit over the years. Even if you use the nursery for a second or third child, changes are inevitable. Here are some tips for setting up a fantastic nursery on a budget:


Make a list of essential items 

There is no doubt that there are some things you absolutely need. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something for the baby. If you need something around the house that will allow you more time to spend with your child, then consider making it part of your budget. For most new parents an essential items list would include lots of diapers, changing supplies, crib, changing table, and baby monitor.


A comfortable and easy to manage sleeping area 

If you are purchasing a new crib, consider getting one that will grow with your child. This can be an economical and beautiful solution. A well-made one can even last until your child goes to college. You will just need to buy a few new mattresses along the way. Window coverings such as curtains can be pulled down by a growing child and don’t allow good control over light in the nursery. Affordable fauxwood shutters will allow good light control and they are long lasting, so they will be useful no matter how old your child is.


Get crafty 

What could be better than decorations made with the loving hand of a parent? There are many great art projects that can be done by those with little experience. Nursery décor doesn’t have to be complicated or extravagant. Pinterest has many boards dedicated to crafts for nurseries.


Wall decals

Wall decals are great because they can be used by those who are renting or just want the ability to change décor quickly and easily. This can be important, because what is appropriate for an infant or toddler may seem too babyish when they grow older. For a boy’s room you might use decals of a nautical theme, such as pirate ships. A girl’s room could have an array of inspirational quotes or flowers. You can let them pick out some fun decals of their own when they get older.


Have fun with it

Creating a fun nursery space is a great time for parents and family members to bond. Getting input or even getting them to contribute a picture or other small item can make them feel included and make for a great nursery full of family love and caring.