Looking after your dog’s diet

We all love our dogs and for some of us they really are our best friend! We make all the important decisions for our dog, where they live, when they walk, medication they take etc One of the biggest choices we make for them is what they eat everyday. Keeping our dogs healthy and making sure that they have a nutritious diet is extremely important. We are very fortunate that with certain regulations that are in place, suppliers of pet food must prove that their product provides all of the necessary nutrients a dog needs before it will be passed and put on to the shop shelves. Some of the best dog food out there at the moment is beta puppy large breed, it has been shown to be nutritious and provide everything that your dog needs to stay healthy. Here are some great tips to help you choose the best dog food for your pet.



You firstly need to know what the best ratios is for a dog to have a healthy diet. A rule of thumb is 50% meat, 50% veg and it must be grain and wheat free. Always try to choose dog food that is as close as possible to what is listed above.


When you look at the ingredient list of the dog food, make sure that the protein sources always come high on the list of ingredients. It is always wise to buy dog food that has three of the first five on the ingredients list as protein, an example of this could be chicken, lamb or venison.

Understand the food better

If you really want to get a clear understanding of what your dog is eating then you should make it yourself. This may sound silly but it is an exercise encouraged by a lot of specialists, we understand what is in our every day meals because we make them. To fully understand what you are feeding your dog you need to make their meal from scratch. You will be able to track down a variety of recipes online that you will be able to make with ease. One thing you must do is to consult your vet before feeding your animal the food you make, if you are planning to do a week’s worth of cooking then contact the vet and tell him/her your plan. They will be able to advise you if what you are feeding the dog is sufficient or even harmful.