Great Ideas for Date Night in London

If you’re taking a special someone out for date night in London, consider yourself lucky to be in a city with so many great things to see and do on this special night. London is a cosmopolitan city that just has that romantic vibe down. No matter what you do, there is an elegant and romantic feeling to it because, well, you’re in London! It’s a place romanticized in so many movies that you’ll hardly be able to believe your luck that you’re on a date there. If you’re interested, you can compare the costs of dates in different cities like London, New York and Sydney. So if you really want to enjoy spending time with your date, looking into each others’ eyes and hoping for that special kiss in London, you’re in the right place. Check out our ideas for a romantic night they won’t forget.



Catch a movie at the cozy Aubin cinema

Most movie theaters are cold and quite uncomfortable, with plain chairs that you have to settle in to try and get comfortable. Dinner and a movie is such a popular date option, but it can be a bit clichéd and uncomfortable if you don’t go to the right place. Aubin cinema is totally unique though, because they’ve got super comfy couches and blankets so you can snuggle in with your date just like you’re at home. And you can bring in food and wine from their café so it really adds to the fun vibe!

Stroll the Southbank

Meet up before dinner and take a walk along the beautiful Southbank of London. A walk is a great way to chat with your date and really spend some quality time. It’s always fun to just watch what’s going on and spend this authentic time together. Here along the Southbank you’ll find lots of cafes and bars if you want to stop in for a bite or a drink.

Take a cocktail-making class

Want to one-up a date that involves going out for cocktails? How about a date where you learn how to make them from the masters? Interactive dates are always fun because you get to learn something new and have fun with your date rather than just sitting across the table from each other. The Harvey Nichols Cocktail Master Class is both posh and relaxed, perfect for a first date or any other kind for that matter. And you get to drink delicious cocktails that you made yourself; what’s not to love?!

Take a haunted historic walk

London has lots of different kinds of walks and tours that you can do, but whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’re bound to find this haunted walk fascinating! Many locals don’t know about London’s haunted history, so it can be a great way to learn more about your own city if you’re from here. This spooky walk will take you around the Smithfield area of East London. As you listen to the haunted stories along this walk, it’s the perfect time to be with a date to cuddle up with for comfort!