Family Car Journeys Made Easy

Setting off on a long car journey with young children can be every mum’s nightmare. However, between crying, fighting and spilled drinks and snacks, this can be a chance to spend some quality time with your little ones and even have some fun! You don’t need an in-built backseat DVD player to keep everyone happy and entertained until you reach your destination. This can be an excellent time to bond with your children, so embrace the long car journey and put your I Spy skills to the test!

Tiny Tots

Try to work with your baby’s nap schedule by driving during sleepy time and making stops when they would usually wake up hungry. For the drive, make sure your little one is wearing comfortable, easy access clothing for nappy changes. It’s essential to pack extra wet wipes, nappies and paper towels in case of sickness or accidents.

Keep a Record

Encourage your kids to document the journey in a notebook, recording what they see and adding things found on the road, from receipts and ticket stubs to postcards and wild flowers that can be collected on nature breaks. You can also use a disposable camera but make sure there are no fights over who gets to use it! This activity will stimulate children’s curiosity and observation skills and keep them interested in what they can see out of the windows. The whole family can take turns to write entries and you’ll find that you appreciate your surroundings much more when you’re taking notice of them!

Games and Toys

Keep things fun by packing plenty that will distract kids from the journey. Colouring books, crayons, stickers and portable electronic games are always well received. If there’s one iPad that everyone’s clamouring to use, set a strict time limit on each turn so no one is accused of ‘hogging’. Electronic items should be fully charged before you set off. Audiobooks are a brilliant choices because they can be enjoyed and shared by the whole family. Why not try buying a bag full of small toys and wrapping them to give out at strategic moments (ie. when little ones are getting cranky). There are lots of ideas for car games that don’t involve toys, pieces or for you to spend any money, from the classic ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to educational spelling and maths games.

Stay safe with a first aid kit for emergencies and the right insurance for your vehicle. No one wants to be stuck on the side of the motorway with a carful of screaming kids!