Dental Room Maintenance

When you go to see your dentist you expect to walk into a very clean and sterile room. This cleaning is usually done by dental assistants and is a lot more work than it sounds. Dental assistants, as well as helping out the dental technician with patient care must maintain dental equipment, control the inventory, making sure they have the correct supplies and also going through the whole room cleaning plus sterilizing every single foot. This thorough cleaning will be done periodically; daily, weekly or, less likely, monthly. No patient wants to walk into an unclean room to have someone put their potentially dirty fingers in their mouths. According to dentists near Croydon these are the most important places that must be cleaned in the dental (1)

The chair – The dental chair and operator stools should be cleaned a lot, at least wiped down in between patients, and properly cleaned daily with soap and water. This is the place the patient will spend all of their time while in the room, so making sure it is spotlessly clean is paramount; this includes the bases for both the chair and stools. Upholstery on both the stools and chair can become worn and crack in places over time. Using too powerful disinfectants can cause this damage and discolouration, which when cracked makes cleaning even more difficult. Contact the manufacturers for proper cleaning methods.

Overhead light – The chair is where the patient sits, but the light above them is where they will spend the whole time staring. This light illuminates the oral cavity while the dentist and their assistants are working, and should be cleaned thoroughly, again according to the manufacturer’s proper cleaning instructions. The light must be allowed to cool before cleaning to avoid cracks and splits in the unit; touching a warm lens with a damp cloth will often break the glass.

The dental unit – This is the unit that will be sat right next to the dentist while he is fixing your smile, and will contain all the tools that he or she requires to do so. This unit must be checked regularly for leaks, dust and debris, particularly lines for the hand piece, water and evacuation lines. Once again, referring to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions is the best way to maintain this unit. This will likely include pressure checks, replacing broken seals and general cleaning. A lot of dentists prefer to clean and maintain this unit themselves, while others prefer to hire in a specialist.

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