Best Foods for Oral Health

Great news for anyone who loves food! (Wait, isn’t that everyone?) There are foods which can be used to improve your oral health, saving you bad news at your next trip to your dentist. So if you love to eat and want to keep your teeth sparkling and healthy, just read on to learn the best things to chew and chomp on:


Apples and carrots

You probably already know that these foods are great for nourishing your body. And they can also be great for keeping your teeth healthy as well. Crunchy foods help your mouth produce extra saliva, which helps to constantly refresh and cleanse the mouth from bacteria.

Dairy products

Milk, cheese and yogurt lovers unite! Dairy products can help to reduce the amount of acid present in the mouth. And why is acid so bad? Too much can cause corrosion of the teeth. And an added benefit of dairy is that the sugars in milk don’t lead to tooth decay. Just show moderation with the ice cream!

Sesame seeds

You might be surprised to see sesame seeds on this list, but these little powerhouses are great for strengthening teeth. They are high in calcium which fortifies the teeth, and also can help to scrape away plaque. Not to mention, the fat in sesame seeds is great for your skin, hair and nails.

Raw onion

You may or may not be a fan of raw onion, but for those who are, enjoy in abundance knowing that it has antibacterial properties that can help protect your teeth. Just make sure to enjoy a stick of sugar-free gum after to ward away any bad breath!


Sushi lovers can rejoice that the little green bit of wasabi on the side of their plate is actually helping prevent cavities. This spicy condiment in Japanese cuisine can actually help prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth! So enjoy in abundance with your sushi, as it also helps to enhance the flavors.

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