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Dental Room Maintenance

When you go to see your dentist you expect to walk into a very clean and sterile room. This cleaning is usually done by dental assistants and is a lot more work than it sounds. Dental assistants, as well as helping out the dental technician with patient care must maintain dental equipment, control the inventory, making sure they have the…

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Missing teeth?

For many of us having a good looking set of teeth is just as important as having a healthy set of teeth, although having healthy teeth is detrimental to your overall oral hygiene, many people are now spending there hard earned money on a dental procedure commonly known as cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a dental procedure which uses the…

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General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry

What many people don’t realise is there are two main fields in dentistry. One is called general dentistry and the other cosmetic dentistry. Although many modern dentists now practice in both fields of these different kinds of dentistry, there goals are somewhat different, one is about the general wellbeing of your oral hygiene and the other is about the appearance…

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Tips to prevent tooth decay

In this day and age preventing tooth decay is not something we all think about as much as we should, particularly considering that we only get one set of permanent teeth in our adult lives and these need to be protected for the future. Here are some quick tips for keeping tooth decay at bay Brush more often Brushing at…

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Why you should choose dental implants

Teeth are probably one of the most underestimated parts of anyone’s appearance and the full effects of having lost or damaged teeth can only be fully felt when experiencing these issues yourself. Good teeth help to improve our looks and confidence, and also affect the way we speak, eat and smile. Our teeth should be seen as an asset and…

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Do you need orthodontics?

Many people can benefit from orthodontics, but are unsure of where to start and what can be corrected. This article will go through some of the most common problems that orthodontic treatment can fix and also more information to help you make a more informed choice. Are you suitable for orthodontics? This is a question that is best left to…

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Dealing with tooth ache

Odontalgia, odontodynia, and dentalgia we have all experienced at some time in our lives, but what am I talking about? Tooth ache or dental pain, it’s hard to explain the pain you experience when your tooth decides to play up, you just sit there with your head in your hands wishing the pain would just go away. It keeps you…

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How You can Prevent Cavities Naturally

Cavity prevention doesn’t have to take a lot of time or work. But it does take more effort than just a mindless brushing once per day! If you’re sick of going to the dentist and finding out you have cavities, then now is the time to start following our tips for natural cavity prevention!   Cut refined sugars First and…

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