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Antarctica – Like no other place on earth

The South Pole seems like a place that we have only seen in movies, a place that is so far away it’s impossible to get to. As a kid I remember thinking can I go to Antarctica? Thankfully, I don’t need to answer that question anymore because I have just returned from a once in a lifetime trip there. I’m close to saying the best trip of my life! It really was that special.

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So as I was there as a boy thinking can I go to Antarctica, arriving there on my cruise made the whole trip so special and meaningful. There’s nothing not to love about the place.

It’s Remote

It’s very difficult to put in to words how vast and empty this continent is, there’s certainly no way in the world that it can be exaggerated. When you head off on your Antarctica cruise it’ll be only you and your fellow shipmates, a few scientists and also travellers living in settlements that you’ll meet along the way. It’s probably one of the first places you will visit where no one used to live – Antarctica is known never to have had an indigenous population, scientists can not find any evidence to prove that anyone had even stepped foot there up until the last 200 years.

Step Into Another World

People that have been lucky enough to visit Antarctica have described it as like walking on a different planet. All you will see as you’re walking is ice and the rocks – you’re not going to see trees, plants or anything else at all. If you love the idea of adventure and being able to travel through an uninhabited world then Antarctica is the place for you. So step in to another world, but for this world you don’t need the spaceship.

The Wildlife

This was possibly one of the best parts of the trip, even though it’s difficult to actually choose one! Antarctica is uninhabited, so the wildlife has no reason to fear humans. That applies especially to the penguins, on land they have never really had to come across predators, so get ready to meet some confident and very curious penguins. It’s not only the cute penguins you get to meet, but you also get to see whales and seals. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat and not in a human built enclosure is something truly jaw dropping.