A guide for buying a stairlift

If you find that you or a loved one is struggling to get up and down the stairs at home then you should start looking into buying a stairlift as soon as possible. That is the first step you must take, deciding that you need to purchase one is your first step to becoming more independent and living with less care from others. Home stairlifts are becoming more and more popular as people continue to see their benefits and also realises that they are affordable. So now you will be faced with a number of different options about which stairlift to choose.


Choosing which type of chairlift that you need is the first important decision that you must take, this will depend on your home. There are two main types of stairlift for you to choose from, there are straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. They are quite self explanatory; straight stairlifts are for stairs that go straight up and curved stairlifts are for stairs that have a twist or corners in them. If you have unusually shaped stairs there is no ned for alarm, you will just need to invite a professional to have a look and advise you of all your options. Curved stairlifts are always custom built so that they fit the design and layout of your stairs perfectly. Due to the fact that they are custom built usually means that they work out to be more expensive that straight stairlifts. You will not have to pay for someone to come and take a look at your stairs and to advise you on the possible options, most companies will come and do this free of charge.

You also have the option of whether you would like to buy a new stairlift or if you would like to buy a reconditioned stairlift. Reconditioned stairlift is a second hand model that will cost you less than a new model. It is important to point out that you will only be able to purchase a reconditioned straight stairlift, curved stairlifts are custom built and therefore will not be able to fit another staircase.

Once you have decided which stairlift you would like then you need to start approaching companies to get quotes and also to see what type of models you can choose from. Remember never to go with the first company you see, you should always try to shop around. When you look at a variety of companies you will become better versed in the whole process and be able to ask more direct and important questions as you so along. You may even be able to negotiate a better price if you play one company off against another.