10 Tips for Making “Me” Time as a Mom

It’s no secret – being a mom takes work. It’s a full time job that requires sacrifices and hours of your day that you didn’t even have to spare in the first place. Yes, motherhood is indeed a blessing and a joy, but its requirements can often overburden mothers and cause unwanted stress as they selflessly place everyone else’s needs before their own. But this simply won’t do: Moms need to take control of their health and wellbeing and start to establish boundaries and make time for them. Yet, through the soccer practices, temper tantrums, lunch-making, and parent-teacher meetings, finding “me” time is easier said than done. Here are 10 simple tips to help you moms find some time for yourself within your busy schedule – you deserve it!

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 1.     Make Yourself a Priority

A child’s needs are, without a doubt, non-negotiable, but moms need to remember that so are theirs. It’s crucial to ensure that your motherly caretaking responsibilities also include taking care of you. If you feel guilty or selfish for giving yourself time, redefine how you look at it by realizing that it won’t just help you, but it will also benefit your children, helping you to have the mindset and attitude to be the best mom you can be.

2.     Re-Discover Your Passions

It’s important to know and remember those activities which you like to do in your free time, whether it is reading, volunteering, pursuing a hobby or craft, or simply catching on the latest episode of your favorite TV series. Pinpoint what you’re passionate about or interested in, and not only will it make your free time more enjoyable and fulfilling, but you’ll also be more likely to set aside that time for yourself.

3.     Get Out of the House

A mom can often be bound by responsibilities, both in and out of the house. But it’s important to make some time just for you when out of your home. Try planning on, at least once a month, hiring a babysitter or getting a trusted family member or friend to watch your children, even just for a few hours. Then spend that time outside the house doing something you enjoy – like bike riding, hiking, outdoor yoga, bird watching, or swimming – either by yourself or in the company of others.

4.     Pamper Yourself

Being a mom means you spend most of your time doing things for others. Yet you need to remember to treat and spoil yourself as well! Pamper yourself by doing things like putting on clothes you like (it doesn’t have to be anything fancy), trying a new hairstyle, or getting a manicure or massage. You can also try giving yourself a mini DIY spa day, like an at home microdermabrasion or facial facilitated by products found here to make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day!

5.     Wake Up Earlier

If you’re having trouble finding time to spare for yourself, try getting up slightly earlier in the morning. Even just waking up 15 minutes earlier, before any kids are awake, can help you to de-stress and get some “me” time without negatively affecting your sleep schedule. Alternatively, you could also try going to bed a bit later after the children are asleep.

6.     Enforce Children’s Bedtimes and Naptimes

Instead of having sporadic times for children to get their sleep, set specific bed and nap times. By making bedtimes and naptimes a regular routine, it both provides consistency for children and makes it easier for you to get in the habit of scheduling “me” time.

7.     Make Time to Socialize

Instead of continually coordinating and babysitting over playdates for your children and their friends, schedule a special date for you and your friend or group of friends. Busy mothers need girlfriends for support, advice, and plenty of laughs. Going out for dinner or drinks with your gal pals, or even making a date night with your spouse will pull you out of “mom mode” and let you relax and be your own person for a day or evening.

8.     Use Your Free Time to Your Advantage

When given time away from children, it’s easy to spend every minute of your free time taking care of life’s many responsibilities. However, it is important to use some of this free time for yourself. For instance: when on a lunch break at work, read one of your favorite blogs or go out with a colleague for lunch instead of running errands; or when waiting for your kids at gymnastics or play practice, indulge in an app like Zen Space for the iPad or find your own group activity to participate in from online groups like  Meetup.com.

9.     Be Intentional and Make Plans

Don’t just rely on your memory and good intentions to set aside time for yourself – it’s much too easy to get caught up in your responsibilities and neglect your much needed “me” time. Instead, make it official by picking a specific date and time and penciling it in your calendar or day planner or set a reminder on your phone. You can also try making it a habit by choosing a specific time on certain days. If you stick to it, it will soon become a natural addition to your regular routine.

10.  Start Small

Giving yourself “me” time does not have to be lengthy or time consuming. If you have the mindset that you’ll need to spend hours on yourself every time you want some relaxation, it will deter you from taking that time for yourself; all it really requires is a few minutes per day. You could take a walk around the block, read a chapter of your book, or simply spend 60 seconds doing deep breathing. It doesn’t take much, but you’ll reap the benefits!