10 Things To Remember For The Perfect Christening

As a parent, you will surely want everything to be perfect on the day of your child’s christening. Of course, your baby’s christening is a sacred once-in-a-life ceremony that celebrates his or her arrival in God’s beautiful kingdom. What’s more, it is an intimate and momentous event for parents as well as the selected godparents, as they will be pledging their commitment to the moral and spiritual upbringing of your little one.

How can you plan a perfect Christening celebration for your baby? Well, here is a checklist of the 10 of the most important things to keep in mind, to make your child’s baptism rite a euphoric, meaningful and splendid celebration.

Responsible and religious godparents


When planning a christening for a baby, the first thing you should do is to choose the right godparents for your baby. Spiritually, godparents have a very important role in the life your delicate offspring. Thus, you should choose trustworthy and God-fearing godparents who will help your little one attain salvation, when he or she grows up.

Location and date

Another important point to remember, when planning the perfect christening, is the location of the ceremony. Likewise, you should consider when you are going to celebrate this event. It is strongly recommended that choose a date and location at least five weeks in advance, so that the guests and godparents can fit your celebration into their busy schedules.

Guest list

After choosing a venue, create a list of guests for the party. By the way, don’t forget to send invitations to the chosen guests.


Photographs are, without a doubt, very essential in this celebration. After all, it is a religious celebration that only happens once in your child’s lifetime. But unfortunately, professional photography services can cost you a great deal of money. To save money from your pictures, try to ask help from family members, friend and relatives who are fond of taking pictures.

Baptismal attire

Babies who are to be baptized are usually required to wear a nice white gown like this for the ceremony. Also, each baby must be fitted with the required accessories, such as the baptismal cape and candle.  Since your baby’s christening is a special day, you should look for a baptismal gown that would make your cherub look adorable and beautiful during the entire celebration. Keep in mind that your baby is the undisputed star of this event.

Party venue

Whether you want a formal reception or a small intimate celebration, you should choose a party venue that fits accordingly to the preferences of your spouse and family. Before you choose venue, though, take time to think over the time of your party, the number of people attending, and your budget.


Decorate the chosen party venue with white and other light colors, such as blue (for boys), pink (for girls), silver and gold. Furthermore, add more flair to the venue by embellishing it with table linens, centerpieces, streamers and kaleidoscopic balloons.


Food is also very important during the party. If you’re celebrating it at home, hire a professional catering company, or ask your close friends and family to help you with the food preparation and cooking.


If you have kids as guests, keep them entertained with board games, coloring books, and other enjoyable activities.


As a memento of this important religious celebration, give your guests with cheap yet adorable favors, such as religious bookmarks, ceramic crosses, and picture frames, all with your child’s name, picture and date of baptism.